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Imagine turning your brand into an empire, influencing millions worldwide with just a few clicks


Introducing Necktie Beta. A data driven driven sales platform running in your cloud making all your data accessible in seconds from any device.

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What is the status of Necktie Development?

STATUS: Necktie is currently running in beta test mode on a couple websites with a few hundred thousand customers.
We are going to open the testing beta in the following few months and we would like to invite you to our user test group.

What this means is that you can watch us continuously add features, eliminate bugs and continue building this sales platform AND once the beta is open again, check out how it feels and if it helps you optimize your online revenue.

Free of charge, no data or software migration required! Just put your email above and we will get in touch with you shortly. :)

Wanna talk directly to the founder?
...Send him an email